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Join the inaugural Second Brain Summit October 3-4, 2024 in Los Angeles

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What becomes possible when we combine the power of technology with the potential of the human mind?

Whether you’re building an app or a company, designing a website or a workflow, authoring a book or a life….

The Second Brain Summit is THE place to unlock the incredible possibilities of the global revolution in digital creativity we’re living through.

Join us for an immersive pop-up university designed to change your mind, touch your heart, and maybe even stir your soul.

What to expect

A 2-day immersive learning experience 

Learn the skills they never taught you in school from your favorite creators in productivity, creativity, and personal knowledge management.

Inspiring Keynotes on Transformational Ideas

The world’s leading creators, teachers, and authors will share their latest ideas with you, drawn from personal experience (not just theories).

Deep Dives and Q&As with Hands-On Coaching

Your favorite creators will become your personal mentors for two days, helping you solve your biggest challenges in hands-on workshops and interactive Q&As.

Experiences Designed to Deepen and Create New Friendships

Meet your online friends (and make new ones) with impromptu meetups, intimate small group dinners, and a series of unique experiences we are curating just for you.

We’ve designed everything about the Second Brain Summit with YOUR experience in mind – we promise this will be a turning point in your career and life.

No keynote speeches written by ChatGPT that are little more than a sales pitch.
No wading through 20 sponsor booths before you reach the main event.
No awkward “networking” with people who are trying to get something from you. 


Learn from your favorite teachers and creators in real life

Ryder Carroll

Best-Selling Author & Inventor of The Bullet Journal® Method

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Neuroscientist, Writer & Entrepreneur

Nick Milo

Obsidian Expert & Creator of Linking Your Thinking

Jo Franco

Polyglot, Entrepreneur & Netflix Travel Host

Khe Hy

Post-Achievement Professional, Writer, Podcast Host & Coach

Marie Poulin

Creator of Notion Mastery

Thomas Frank

World's Most-Followed Notion Expert & Startup Founder

Rachel Woods

Founder, CEO & Chief AI Nerd at The AI Exchange

August Bradley

Creator of Notion Life Design

Stacey Harmon

Top Evernote Consultant & Productivity Coach

Sönke Ahrens

Independent Researcher & Author of How to Take Smart Notes

Steven Johnson

Author and Editorial Director, NotebookLM @ Google
And, of course, your host…

Tiago Forte

Creator of Building a Second Brain

"Everything worthwhile is done with other people."

Mariame Kaba


What we’ve got in store for you

Virtual Meet & Greet

Get to know your fellow attendees on Sep. 4th at 12 pm ET (view in your timezone) before you even reach LA. We want to bring you all together so you can create the first connections and start conversations.

Thursday, October 3rd

  • Register and meet your fellow attendees over coffee starting at 8 am 
  • Get inspired at keynote talks by the world’s leading creators, teachers, and authors
  • Solve your biggest challenges in hands-on workshops and interactive Q&As
  • Join or host a meetup to dive deep into a topic you care about 
  • Enjoy dinner with a small group of fellow Second Brainers (don’t worry, we’ll help facilitate)
  • Have even more fun at the after-party at the hotel rooftop pool (this is Southern California after all)

Friday, October 4th 

  • Enjoy more keynote talks, workshops, and Q&As with your favorite creators
  • Join or host a meetup to dive deep into a topic you care about 
  • Surprise activities (think conversations instead of lectures, and experiences instead of concepts)
  • Grab dinner with your fellow Second Brainers or head home after 5 pm 

Exclusive Circle Community

Start meeting your fellow Second Brainers in our Circle community just for attendees. This is where you can ask questions, start discussions, and stay up-to-date prior, during, and after the event. 

Experience Without Distractions

We're crafting a unique atmosphere at the Summit, designed to maximize your experience without interruptions. When you arrive, you'll be asked to place your phone in a special magnetic bag to ensure everyone can stay focused and present. However, you're welcome to use computers and tablets, and we'll provide a paper notebook for notetaking.

This ensures you can be fully present with each other without interruptions while you’re immersed in the Summit. Rest assured, your phone will stay with you, and you can step outside and use it anytime you need to.

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Get Your Ticket

Venue & Accommodation

Join us in the heart of LA’s downtown fashion district

Since our physical environment shapes our thinking, we couldn’t have wished for a better location than this 1920s loft. Its wide open spaces and natural light will encourage creative breakthroughs and serendipitous “hallway conversations.” 

Stay with the other attendees and speakers at our selected hotel – the official "Summit Hub" – just a block away from our venue. Of course, you’ll receive a special rate with extra perks. Did we mention the pool and open rooftop with incredible views of LA? 

Hosted by the Forte Labs Team

Hi, I'm Tiago Forte

I’ve spent the last decade researching and experimenting with new ways of leveraging digital tools to fuel our creativity.

My biggest breakthroughs and mindset shifts have always come from collaborating with others who share my goals and values.

For years, I’ve dreamed of bringing the incredible community we’ve built in the virtual world into the physical world.

Now we’re finally making it happen – I invite you to join 500 of the most dedicated experts and practitioners of personal knowledge management in the world’s creative capital to discover what technology is now making possible.

For the full story behind this event, check out my blog post on how it came to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Will the Second Brain Summit be live-streamed or recorded?

Nope! The Second Brain Summit won't be live-streamed or recorded in any way. This is an immersive, sensory experience that may never be repeated, so come join us in person!  

What topics will be covered at the Second Brain Summit?

We're still in the process of finalizing the topics with our speakers. Here are the ones you can already look forward to:

Nick Milo: Linking Your Thinking – The Dawn of Networked Knowledge
In this keynote, Nick Milo will explore the transformative potential of linked notes in modern knowledge work. By shifting focus from mere organization to ideation, he’ll demonstrate how this approach fosters creativity and insight, moving practitioners from passive notetaking to active notemaking and the intellectual joy it offers.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff: Tiny Experiments – A Neuroscientist's Guide to Living a Life of Exploration
In this keynote, neuroscientist and entrepreneur Anne-Laure Le Cunff will unveil the core ideas in her upcoming book, Tiny Experiments, for the first time. Based on her story of finding professional success before walking away from it all, it offers a new perspective on ambition and achievement without sacrificing your wellbeing or the childlike spirit of discovery that makes our curiosity sing.

Khe Hy: The Productivity Delusion
In our productivity-obsessed culture, we’ve mastered the art of squeezing “more” out of every moment. In this keynote, entrepreneur, coach, and writer Khe Hy will zoom out and ask a series of provocative questions: Why do we want to be more productive? What if PKM, GTD and Inbox Zero are all just coping techniques or shallow distractions? Who are you without achievement?

Can I sponsor the Second Brain Summit?

Thank you for your interest, but we are not accepting sponsors at this time.

What's your refund policy?

Tickets to the Second Brain Summit are not refundable. However, they are transferable to someone else up to 14 days prior to the event. 

Are you taking applications for speakers?

We're carefully tailoring a special experience and thinking through every detail from the moment you land in Los Angeles to the moment you head home– that includes our speaker list. We've already sent invites to those who we think are the best fit, so we’re not taking speaker applications at this time.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We’re dedicated to ensuring a safe experience for our team and attendees.  We are following guidance from the CDC and local health authorities in our plans and will continue to update them accordingly.  

What happens if the event is canceled because of COVID-19?

In the event that the Second Brain Summit must be canceled due to COVID-19, all tickets will be refunded.

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