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Organize Your Digital Life in Seconds With The PARA Method

The simple, intuitive system to find any information right when you need it.

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“I'm good at saving information, but terrible at organizing and finding it later.”

Ever wasted precious hours looking for an important piece of information you were sure you saved?

It happens to all of us! 

Living a modern life requires juggling a ton of information. But we were never taught how to manage this information effectively so that we can find what we need when we need it. 

Let’s face it: Most of us have notes and files scattered all over the place…in random Google docs, on Post-it notes, on Dropbox, a dozen browser tabs, paper notebooks, and three different notetaking apps (weren’t they supposed to be THE solution?)

Your digital world has become a “digital dumpster” where good ideas and crucial information gets lost, causing an unbelievable level of overwhelm and stress. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can transform your digital environment into a place where you consistently get done the work that’s most important to you, with the help of everything you’ve learned and collected in the past.

Here’s how…

The PARA Method Explained

What if I told you that you can organize ALL the information in your life in just 4 main categories? 


Things you’re actively working on right now 


Roles and responsibilities you’re managing over time


Topics you’re interested in that could be useful in the future


Completed or inactive items from the other three categories

It’s truly that simple!

Take Control of Your Digital Environment With One Simple Method 

The PARA Method is the easiest way to keep your life in order so that you can focus on living it. 


All you have to remember are 4 categories.


You’ll be able to organize your information in seconds. 


Your PARA system doesn’t have to be 100% perfect for it to benefit you. 


PARA works with your computer files, cloud storage, notetaking app, and on any device you use.


PARA is forever. Since it’s platform agnostic, it won’t go out of date. 


Once you’ve mastered the basics, feel free to customize it to your specific needs. 

Extraordinary Things Happen When You Organize Your Life With The PARA Method

  • You stop wasting time looking for information: You can have faith that your notes and documents are safely stored and available when you need them.
  • You gain greater focus on what matters most: You get visibility on what’s important and can intentionally move your life forward in alignment with your interests and goals.
  • You make things happen: You finally finish what you start, beating procrastination and tapping into your past learnings to make progress fast.
  • Your creativity and productivity soars: You can tap into a playground of your own ideas to finally do the creative work that’s been locked up inside of you.
  • You beat information overwhelm and FOMO: You can say goodbye to stress and anxiety around missing something and hello to peace of mind.

“PARA has both reduced the chaos in my mind and helped me with information overwhelm.”


Freelance Facilitator

“I have much greater confidence in what I'm storing, how I'm storing it, and more importantly how to put it to use.”


Founder and Owner of Preservation Specialists, LLC

“I have been using this system for a while now and it has changed my ability to organize things. I was just a mess of files in random folders and on desktop before. Now I can find anything in a few seconds without “search.”


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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Tiago Forte

I’ve spent more than 10 years researching and experimenting with a new way of organizing our digital lives and improving our productivity using technology.

What started as a quest to deal with a chronic illness eventually turned into a life-long mission to help you harness the full potential of your ideas and turn them into reality. I firmly believe this is a crucial part of creating a better future for all of us.

Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of people around the world how to clear the mental clutter, organize their knowledge, and capitalize on the full potential of their thinking through my popular online course Building a Second Brain.

I’ve taught the PARA Method live in 16 cohorts with over 6,000 students, which allowed me to vastly improve every part of it and make sure it works for a wide range of people.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Based on Tiago’s work with the following organizations and over 25,000 online learners

Who Should Read The PARA Method?

If you…

  • Often can’t find the information you’re looking for even though you know you saved it
  • Feel disorganized and scattered trying to keep track of everything
  • Experience anxiety at the thought of deleting anything
  • Struggle to prioritize and stay on track of your projects
  • Have been trying to find the “perfect system” for organizing your notes and files 
  • Feel overwhelmed and too busy to build an organization system for yourself 

Then the PARA Method will be a life-saver for you. 

Imagine if you could organize your entire digital life, including the dozens of different platforms and apps you use, within one simple system.

Imagine if that system supported and enabled you to reach your most important goals, without requiring tedious filing or time-consuming maintenance.

And finally, imagine if you could implement this system in just a few minutes, with minimal effort.

Try it out for yourself!

“I’ve never explicitly valued my attention, but I found myself regretting how much I’ve forgotten about the 100s of articles I read monthly — 100s of hours of attention, wasted! At work, I couldn’t easily find materials for my current projects — much less my previous projects. My attention was scattered. Tiago’s system isn’t complicated or strict, which allows you to grow your very own personalized digital cortex. Now I can match my work to my mood and add value to my projects no matter what the week throws at me. In the two months since starting, I’ve produced three blogposts, planned three backpacking trips, decluttered my room, created an enterprise workshop, and got admitted into a developer conference. All using the *SAME* system! I’m living the PARA lifestyle now, and I’m never going back. This way lies not just productivity, but happiness and ease of mind.”


Startup co-founder


How is this different from the Building a Second Brain book?

PARA is one part of the Building a Second Brain methodology. While Building a Second Brain explains the full methodology, The PARA Method is a practical, actionable guide on implementing PARA specifically.

The PARA Method goes into more detail and answers the most common questions that people have about its implementation.

In which formats is The PARA Method available?

The PARA Method is available as a hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

Why should you consider buying multiple copies of this book?

If you’re wondering what you’re going to do with multiple copies of a book, here are some ideas for how you can use them:

• As gifts for people you care about, such as on birthdays and holidays
• Host a book club with your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
• Give them to your team or department for their professional development
• Give them to the attendees of a conference, summit, or retreat you’re organizing
• Provide them as giveaways to your community, event, or social media followers
• Gift them to your clients and customers as a thank you for their support
• Donate to a library, youth center, church, or non-profit (with a potential tax deduction)

As you can see, there are countless ways you can use multiple copies of a book like this one. It will train you in new ways of organizing the information in your life, but those changes are most powerful and sustainable when you bring others along on your journey.

Is The PARA Method available in other languages?

At the moment, The PARA Method is only available in English. But we're happy to announce that the book will be translated into Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Thai, and Vietnamese. We’ll announce the publishing dates and any other translations as soon as they’re confirmed. 

Where can I find examples of what goes into each category in PARA?

You can find a full list of common examples for each of the letters of PARA at

I still have questions about the PARA Method! Where can I find answers?

To help you implement PARA in your digital life, I’ve created a free resource with in-depth answers to the most frequently asked questions about PARA I’ve received. You can access
them at

What should I do if I have other questions? 

Please email with any questions not answered here.

“I’ve got some big ambitious goals….I feel like I’ve got the tools to be able to take on longer-term projects and have them persist over a long period of time, and allow for that incubation period, and allow for serendipity, allow for ideas to marinate, allow different perspective… opening up that wheel and making progress every single day, has been very fulfilling and really just a life-changer as far as overall happiness goes.”


Internal Auditor

Get Your Free Cheat Sheet to Implementing the PARA Method

To help you put what you learn into practice, I've created a handy printable cheat sheet with the main principle and rules for PARA success.